Doris - News and Magazine Ghost Theme

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Getting Start

Doris is News and Magazine Ghost . It is built for bloggers, journalists, freelancers, editors, authors, writers, developers. Doris is fully responsive, light-weight, superfast ghost theme and built with html, css, js.

If you are a programmer, do you write blog or teach programming to people. You can choose this theme. Doris comes with code highlighting features.

Theme Setup

Doris theme setup is very easy. If you have already installed a server for Ghost you can easily setup Doris theme. If you don’t have server suported with Ghost, you can set up reading Ghost Install. When you have the server, follow the instructions for setting up the theme.
The template is based on Bootstrap Framework

Upload the theme

You can upload the theme file from ghost dashboard. to do this

  • Log in into your Ghost admin panel.
  • Go to settings (design section) and upload “
  • Click Activate.
upload theme

If you need more information, please visit ghost site:

Import Demo Content

There is a demo content zip file that come with the theme "". You can upload this demo content via Dashboard > Labs > Import content

Demo Content

Setting Panel

To access the Setting panel, go to Dashboard > Settings


For more information in details, please visit

Setup Content

Create Post

Ghost has a beautiful dashboard design. You can easily create a post. Go to Dashboard > Posts > New Post

  • Post Title
  • Post Contents
  • Feature image
  • Tags
  • Authors

Create Page

As like as post, you can create a new page from Dashboard > Pages > New Page. You can add:

  • Title
  • Contents
  • Tags
  • Authors
  • Feature Image
  • Excerpt
  • more…

Setup Featured Post

Ghost has awesome featured posts option to show some of your chosen posts as featured for the visitors. To add a post as featured, go to Post > Settings and scroll down. Select the checkbox Feature this post

Featured Post

Create Tag

To create a new tag, go to Dashboard > Tags > New Tag


Add/Create Author

You can create multiple author in your site from dashboard. Go to Dashboard > Stuff > Invite people

Click on Invite people and you will get a new popup. You have to add Email Address and select the staff Role. Lastly click on Send Invitation now button. An email notification will be sent to create an account on the specific Role.

Code Injection

Code injection is a great feature on Ghost. You can easily write styles and scripts for your site without editing the theme file. You can add various plugins code here like Google analytics

Here you will two text field for code injections. 1. Site Header and 2. Site Footer

Site Header

If you write scripts on site header, it will show in <head> tag of header. It will load first in your site

Site Footer

If you write scripts on site footer, it will show at the closing of <body> tag. It will load last in your site

Integrations and Custom Integrations

Integrations are another cool feature of Ghost. You can connect a lot of thirdparty plugins or API using integrations. To check the integrations, go to Dashboard > Integrations. You will get some inbuilt integrations and custom integrations options

Custom integrations

To create custom integrations, click on + Add custom integration at the bottom of the page and you will get a popup and add a name of the integration and Create. I have create here Search and Github Deploy integration



For header, we have used {{> header}} partials in folder partials/ header.hbs.. You can open this file and add your customization to the header.

For Social List

You can add more if you want by edit this snippet code

<ul class="social-list social-list--sm social-list--inverse list-horizontal">
    {{#if @site.facebook}}
        <a class="social-item social-item-facebook"
            href="{{facebook_url @site.facebook}}" target="_blank"
            rel="noopener noreferrer" aria-label="Facebook">
            {{> icons/facebook}}

    {{#if @site.twitter}}
        <a class="social-item social-item-twitter"
            href="{{twitter_url @site.twitter}}" target="_blank"
            rel="noopener noreferrer" aria-label="Twitter">
            {{> icons/twitter}}


We used very minimal footer in our theme. You will get all footer code partials > footer.hbs file.

From this file, you can change the footer logo, footer text

Footer Logo

<a href="{{@site.url}}">
    <img class="logo-image" src="{{asset "images/logo-white.png"}}" alt="{{@site.title}}">

Home Page

In homepage, you will have the sections.

  • Full Width Section
    1. Featured Module
    2. Module Post Grid 1
    3. Module Post Grid 2
    4. Module Post Grid 3
    5. Module Post Grid 4
  • Content + Sidebar Section
    1. About Me Module
    2. Listing Grid ALT Module

1. Featured Module

Featured Module

Featured slider post limit is 3. If you want to increase or decrease post limit, go to partials/featured.hbs and edit limit="3".

{{#get "posts" include="tags" filter="featured:true" limit="3" as |featured|}}

If there is no featured post in your website, then this slider will not work

2. Module Post Grid 1

Module Post Grid 1

If you want to edit, go to partials/block_posts_2.hbs

3. Module Post Grid 2

Module Post Grid 2

If you want to edit, go to partials/block_posts_3.hbs

4. Module Post Grid 3

Module Post Grid 3

If you want to edit, go to partials/block_posts_4.hbs

5. Module Post Grid 4

Module Post Grid 4

If you want to edit, go to partials/block_posts_5.hbs

6. About Me

About Me

If you want to edit, go to partials/about_me.hbs

7. Listing List Style 1

Listing Style 1 Module

If you want to edit this module, go to partials/listing_style_1.hbs


We have showed some widgets on Post sidebar

  1. About Widget
  2. Horizontal Posts Widget
  3. Vertical Posts Widget

If you want to add/remove the sidebar widget, please go to partials/sidebar.hbs

{{> widgets/about_widget }}
{{> widgets/vertical_posts_widget }}
{{> widgets/tags_widget }}
{{> widgets/horizontal_posts_widget }}

1. About Widget

About Widget

About widget get the first author of the author list. If you want to edit the author, go to partials/widgets/about_widget.hbs

If you want to select a specific author, you can use this snippet code and change SLUG to your author slug

{{#get 'authors' filter='slug:[SLUG]'}}            

If you want to edit the author image

{{asset "images/2.jpg"}}

2. Horizontal Posts Widget

Horizontal Widget

Horizontal posts widget limit is 3. If you want to increase or decrease post limit, go to partials/widgets/horizontal_posts_widget.hbs and edit limit="3".

3. Vertical Posts Widget

Vertical Widget

Vertical post widget limit is 1. If you want to increase or decrease post limit, go to partials/widgets/vertical_posts_widget.hbs and edit limit="1".

Post Page

To edit Post Page, please open post.hbs

    {{> content}}
    {{> single-sections/navigation_articles}}
    {{> single-sections/author_box}}
{{#is "post"}}
    {{> single-sections/related_articles}}
    {{> comment}}

From here, you can edit/remove the following blocks

  1. Navigation, and here is the template for this section: partials/single-sections/navigation_articles.hbs
  2. Author Box, and here is the template for this section: partials/single-sections/author_box.hbs
  3. Related Section, and here is the template for this section: partials/single-sections/related_articles.hbs
  4. Comment, and here is the template for this section: partials/comment.hbs

Author Page

To edit Author Page, please open author.hbs

Tag Page

To edit Tag Page, please open tag.hbs

404 Error Page

To edit 404 Error Page, please open error-404.hbs


The translation file is in locales/translate.json. You should rename this file to your language file: for example en.json for English

A valid language code must be used.

Then please go to Dashboard -> Settings -> Publication Language -> then insert your language code to the field. For example: en for English

For more information, please visit: